richard christopher clark the younger of crawcrook

Richard' Christopher Clark the younger of Crawcrook's  Oil Paintings of the South West Coast Path.
Richard has been walking the South West Coast Path in all weathers and seasons for many years and has created hundreds of Oil painting, Watercolours and Drawings of this beautiful and captivating edge of the British Isles. Paintings and Prints are available, but only from Richard's studio. Richard never sells or accepts commissions over the internet and if you do require more information please contact the studio by email available on the contacts page.
Moor Sands Foot Prints and Boulders. East Prawl to Salcombe. South West Coast Path. Oil on canvas.
Hope Cove. Thurlestone to Salcombe South West Coasta Path. Oil on panel.
Late Afternoon Blue Rocks. Oil on panel.
East Prawl High Noon Hay Rolls. Oil on panel.
East Prawl Morning Hay Rolls. Oil on canvas.
Mattiscombe Sands. Oil on panel
Sunrise Blue Beach Shadows. Oil on panel.
Thurlestone Rock and Rushes. Oil on panel.
Summer Blue Rocks. Oil on panel.
East Prawl Teatime Hay Rolls. Oil on panel.
Marge and Boulder. Oil on panel.
Domino in the Surf. Oil on panel.
The Shell Hunters. Oil on panel.
Down to the Beach. Oil on panel.
Autumn Ferns. East Prawl to Salcombe Oil on panel.
All images  are the intellectual property and copyright of Richard Christopher Clark the Younger of Crawcrook.
Wind Hawthorn looking over to Lannacombe Beach . East Prawl to Start Point. South West Coast Path. Oil on canvas.