Richard Christopher Clark of Crawcrook Artist & Sculptor

Richard has created thousands of sketches in all mediums for his finished paintings and sculptures.

Feathered Boar. Watercolour sketch.

Pencil Sketch for the painting 'Him and Her'

Portrait  WatercolourSketch

Portrait Pencil Sketch

Pencil portrait of Emma.

Boston. Watercolour Sketch. 

Watercolour Flower Sketch

Ink sketch for the painting 'The Runner'.

Working drawing for the painting 'Prunus Domestica.'

Watercolour sketch. Devon.

Pencil sketch for illustration.

Portrait  Pencil Sketch.

Three headed bird pencil sketch for 'Great Cosmo' Painting

Pencil sketch for the painting 'Trees'

Watercolour landscape sketch, Scotland.

Pencil portrait sketch.