Richard Christopher Clark of Crawcrook Artist and Sculptor

Sand Quarry Crawcrook. Oil on canvas.

Ugborough Beacon. Oil on panel.

Storm Over Dartmoor. Oil on canvas.

Seaweed Stick. Oil on canvas.

Winter Trees. Oil on canvas.

Richard's landscapes are mostly painted  'en plein air' then finished in the studio.

Blue Wood.  Oil on canvas.

Tiny Caravan. Oil on panel.

Sunrise Hawthorn. Oil on canvas

France Noumber41. Oil on canvas.

Wooly Jumper Coos. Oil on canvas.

Blue Tree Soon. Oil on canvas.

Salt Burnt Trees. Oil on canvas.

River 12. Oil on canvas.

Dad. Boat. Alnmouth. Oil on canvas

Sunset Hazel. Oil on canvas.

Devil's Brook. Oil on panel.