richard christopher clark the younger of crawcrook

Market Day. 

Oil on canvas.

Portrait of Agot and Feild.

Oil on canvas.

Winter Trees.

Oil on canvas.

Folk Gleiw. 

Oil on canvas.

Orange Sunflower.

Oil on panel.


Oil on canvas

Lithium Sunset.

Oil on canvas.

Brain Wash

Oil on canvas.

Blue Wood.

Oil on canvas.

Fine Artist Richard Christopher Clark the Younger of Crawcrook. 

Paintings. Drawings. Sculptures.

If you are interested in commissioning, purchasing or seeing more of Clark of Crawcrook's works of Art please contact the studio by email . If we can verify who you are we will be back in touch in due course.

The studio operates only on a face to face basis and never sells, sends or accepts any commissions through the internet. Richard never gives anyone permission to use his images for any reason on the internet.

Richard is a third generation artists apprenticed from the age of sixteen in his Dad's studio, Clark Design. His Great Grandfather Mathew and Grandfather Thomas were both Clockmakers.

All images displayed in this website are the Intellectual Property and Copyright of Richard Christopher Clark the Younger of Crawcrook. 

Richard Christopher Clark the Younger of Crawcrook is not on any social media.

Richard Christopher Clark the Toddler of Crawcrook 

The Burning.

Oil on canvas.

Sand Quarry Crawcrook.

Oil on canvas. 

South West Coastal Path. Summer Blue Rocks. Oil on panel.