Richard Christopher Clark of Crawcrook Artist and Sculptor

The Four Seasons. Oil on panel. Quadriptych with hand painted frames.

Folk Gliew. Oil on canvas.

The Burning. Oil on canvas

Market Day. Oil on canvas.

Hay Tor and Marge Summer 2017. Oil on canvas.

Planky Mill. Oil on canvas.

Blue Wood. Oil on canvas.

Orange Sunflower. Oil on panel.

Richard Christopher Clark.

Born 1966, Crawcrook.

Apprenticed in his Dad's studio 'Clark Design' Richard has been constantly painting, drawing, sculpting and making all manner of gubbins with his hands .

Richard paints exclusively in oils and uses all other mediums to sketch with,. His sculptures are executed in wood or stone, while modelling with wax, clay or polyester resin.

Richard Christopher Clark Of Crawcrook is a completely independent artist, only selling his works of Art from his studio gallery,The Broomfield'.

Richard never sells his Artwork, Sculptures or Paintings through the Internet, or through any Art Dealers or Galleries of any kind on the Internet.

This website displays a very small cross selection of oil paintings and sculptures chosen from Richard's main body of work . These artworks and sculptures are from the artist personal collection and are not for sale. With the exception of the The Gold Shark, which was set free, and the 'Last Run' painting which now hangs in the Royal Field Gun Museum.

All images and words displayed in this website are the Intellectual Property and Copyright of Richard Christopher Clark of Crawcrook.

Richard Christopher Clark of Crawcrook is not on any social media.

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